Photo #8a99-3

Fireworks #1

This series of fireworks shots were taken July 1, 1999 during the Canada Day fireworks display in Edmonton's river valley. This was my first attempt at night photography and it never would have happened if my friend Emille hadn't called earlier that day and suggested that we attempt photographing the display. Having never tried this before, I promptly searched the net and printed off a couple of pages on how to photograph fireworks. I simply followed the instructions, taking care not to overexpose the edge of the downtown skyline on the left, and it turned out great. Shooting fireworks was almost more foolproof than day photography! Of course within less than a month I was out under the light of the full moon trying to photograph strange subjects hidden in the shadows with the colorful fill lighting you see elsewhere on this site. This, on the other hand, is far from foolproof. I love the challenge though!


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