Photo #BW4A03-7

Leader Rats

You've got to try to imagine this. It's the middle of the night and I'm passing through the town of Leader, Saskatchewan on my way to explore and shoot the former towns and villages Southeast along Highway 32. I had been driving for hours by moonlight and as I entered the small town, the street lamps seemed harsh to my unadjusted eyes. I'm thinking about, well, not much really. That's the great thing about driving at night, when suddenly...


Giant Rats!

I pulled off onto the next street and returned to have a look. Yup, they're Ord's Kangaroo Rats. Hopefully not actual size. Can you imagine if rats came this big? Sure, the last thing I need is to find myself in a standoff with a giant rodent when trying to shoot an old building. The stray cats, skunks, pigeons, and regular sized rats are just fine, thanks.


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