Photo #BW4A04-2Hairy Hill #1
Main Street At Midnight

It was 12:05 AM, day two of the April 2004 road trip when I rolled into Hairy Hill, Alberta. I heard that there wasn't much left of Hairy Hill, and as I drove down the dark, deserted main street, it appeared to be true.

Along one side was a vacant field. A building supply store used to be there until it was destroyed by fire. All that remains are several skids of crumbling drywall, left to be reclaimed by the elements. Across the street, the shops are deserted. An old ice cream cooler sits outside on the sidewalk. Rust has stained the surrounding pavement and it looks like it has been there for years. No matter, really. It's not in anyone's way. There's little reason to walk here anymore.



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