Photo #BW4A04-23

Qu'Appelle Lions Community Hall

4:05 AM, April 6, 2004:

I had just finished a nearby shoot and I was heading west along Highway 1, looking for a place to pull off and catch a few hours of sleep. It was late and I was tired but as I drove by the town of Qu'Appelle, I couldn't resist stopping to seize what might be my last opportunity to capture this amazing old building on film.

The Qu'Appelle community hall, like so much of the gorgeous early 20th century architecture in small town Saskatchewan, has a questionable future. I sometimes think about how few of the places I photograph that are still standing even a year or two later. It's sad, but makes the photos that remain that much more special.

If you would like to own a print of this picture, they are being offered exclusively as a fundraiser by the Town of Qu'Appelle 100th Anniversary Committee in a signed, numbered, limited edition of 100. Therefore, this image will not be available for sale here on the site. I'm told that most of the edition has already sold but at the time I wrote this, a few prints were still available. In the interest of complete disclosure, I should also mention that some minor retouching has taken place to make this limited edition print look its best, making it the only image in my web site galleries that doesn't fully conform to the FoundView standard. Generally, everything you see in these galleries is exactly as it appears on the film, so I feel it is important to note even minor exceptions.

If you are from around Qu'Appelle and this building has special meaning to you, or you simply just like the picture, contact Lynn at for more information, or write to:

100th Anniversary Committee
Town of Qu'Appelle,
Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan,
S0G 4A0


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