Photo #BW9A02-11

Hoosier School, #1
Western Saskatchewan

This beautiful old brick school sits disused outside the small village of Hoosier, Saskatchewan. The school, constructed in 1930, still shows the quality of architecture and construction commonplace in such pre WW2 buildings. It's such a shame to see it no longer in use. It was no doubt closed like many rural prairie schools, due to lack of enrollment. I'm not sure how many people still live in Hoosier but there would only be a few. I didn't see any signs of life while I was here.

Sometimes the night sky cooperates to add that extra touch which can make an ordinary shot much better. I've gotten in the habit of taking a few minutes to study the sky each time I arrive at a location. I noticed the moving clouds backlit by the moon and was able to find an interesting camera angle which exploited the direction they were going. This isn't always possible but I'm grateful for the times when it is, since it can add so much to a photo.


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