Photo #N12-12

Air Force Fire Station, Wide View

This building sits high atop a ridge in the northern Mojave Desert north of Kramer Junction, California. It is said to have been an Air Force fire station. I was here shooting with with night photographer Troy Paiva who told me of a disturbing experience he encountered the last time he attempted to photograph this place. The first time he visited the location, he arrived just after sundown to find that the place had been used for some sort of bizarre occult sacrifice. There was a severely mutilated sheep in the entrance on the right, and blood and satanic graffiti all over the walls. It all looked very fresh so he bid a hasty retreat and has not returned until now.

The place has been cleaned up since then but there is still plenty of graffiti and you can still see where the decomposing sheep carcass etched an outline into the concrete by the entrance.

Troy points to evidence of the sacrifced sheep.


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