Photo #N15-19

Sulfur Plant - Interior #2

When working outdoors under the full moon one tends to take the ample amount of available light for granted. It is usually fairly easy to see where you are going and stay out of trouble. Shooting the interior of an abandoned building at night is a much different story. You are working in complete darkness and avoiding hazards becomes much more a challenge. As I moved about this scene adding flash and lighting effects, the shutter was open so I couldn't use a flashlight. Instead I groped my way along from one lighting location to another by memory, counting footsteps and taking care to avoid the many protruding objects, open sumps, and other nasty hazards lurking in the darkness. I would have liked to do more elaborate lighting inside the sulfur plant but navigating it blind was just too dangerous. As a result I stuck with less complex color schemes and a limited number of lighting locations, relying on defining shadows and the strength of the subject matter itself to make the shot.


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