Photo #N15-20Sulfur Plant - Exterior #1

The spring of 2001 marked my final visit to the Turner Valley Gas Plant before it began its metamorphosis from neglected ruins to world class interpretive facility. This is the oldest remaining example of gas production in Canada and as such, some time ago it was designated a National / Provincial Historic Site. Until recently, however, financial resources were not available to preserve, much less develop the site. As a result, it has suffered badly from decay and vandalism since it ceased operation in 1985 . It is great to see this remarkable location being rescued from the brink of destruction, but I must admit that I will miss the opportunity to wander the grounds silently late at night amongst such powerful, moving imagery. I would like to extend a special thank you to Ian Clarke, Diane Rosvold, Monica Field, Ron Johnson and all the folks at Alberta Community Development and the town of Turner Valley who helped make this series of photos possible. You've all been wonderfully helpful throughout my three road trips here. Hope you enjoy the photos!



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