Photo #N17-20

Main Street - Bateman Saskatchewan

2:00 AM, Downtown Bateman. Not much for night life. In fact no signs of life at all except for the sound of crickets in the distance. I did get company here about 1:30 AM though. I heard a car approach along the gravel road, which in itself seemed strange since I'd had the town to myself since I arrived here. I wandered in from the edge of town where I was working the old school to have a look.

Turns out five good ol' boys showed up to vandalize the town. They were throwing rocks at the buildings and trying to heave an old car battery through the window of the fire hall. I think I scared the living crap out of them! One of them spotted me standing silently in the moonlight, staring straight at them. I can only imagine the impact of such an experience on people who thought they were the only souls within 40 miles. They probably thought they saw a ghost! They sure left in a hurry, and I will never forget the expression on the face of the guy who spotted me. Hehehe.... Serves 'em right!

Better watch your step or the Ghost Photographer of Bateman Saskatchewan is gonna get ya!


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