Photo #N17-21

Service Station
Bateman, Saskatchewan

This service station, like the rest of Bateman, stands intact but abandoned. I always believed I was born 30 years too late to ever experience true ghost towns like this but they still do exist. It is sometimes surprising though, how quickly these places can change or disapper. I received the tip about Bateman from author / photographer Johnnie Bachusky (see my links page). He showed me a daytime photo he had taken only a few months prior in which this station had a single remaining gas pump. I found the conrete pad on which it was mounted -- it's just behind the grass in the foreground. The pump, however, was gone. Who knows where this stuff eventually ends up. All I know is when shooting abandoned places, never expect to return another day and find everything the same. Always try to capture all the shots you wanted because you may never get another chance.


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