Photo #N18-16Abandoned Grain Elevator, #4
Fusilier, Saskatchewan

In the time since this elevator has been abandoned, a squatter's claim has been staked against it by a huge old owl. It sits atop the building watching over the town and occasionally announcing its presence with a haunting hoot. My first few shots in the nearby town site warranted a low flyby to see what all the flashing was about. If I was ready, I might have been able to pop a flash in time and capture the owl flying through the shot. I received another low pass the first time I approached the elevator. After completing its aerial inspection, the owl once again returned to its perch on top of the building.

I attempted to create a pinwheel of stars by lining the North Star up with the peak of the elevator. Unfortunately my exposure time was a bit too short and the effect was not as dramatic as I had hoped. Perhaps if I had tried this shot with about a 30 minute exposure...



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