Photo #N18-17Wright House
Front View

While scouting possible locations, I rolled into Wenzel Motors in the small town of Major, Saskatchewan hoping to top up on fuel for the night. Fortunately, I caught them just as they were closing. There I met Dan Wenzel, who commented with some degree of amusement about the condition of my van, noting the globs of extruded urethane foam used to hold the remaining bits of rusted metal together. I explained that I was a photographer and we discussed the frequency with which the words "Starving" and "Artist" occur together in the English language.

Dan told me of this old three story house, several miles Southwest of town on a lonely dirt road. He remembered it from back when he was about 10 years old and said it was a creepy, scary place even then. It sure sounded interesting.

After finishing the shoot at Fusilier I returned, heading across country on dirt roads. It saved a lot of time over returning to the highway, and here on the open prairie the grid roads go on forever making point to point navigation easy. By dawn I had shot 7 locations traveling this way -- a personal record for one night!



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