Photo #N19-22

Aurora Borealis #1
Mulhurst Bay

Successful photographers have a common phrase they use when asked how they take good pictures. "F/8 and be there". It's funny, people say a picture is worth a thousand words but photography often comes down to those four. It's not always about knowledge, skill -- or even dumb luck. Sometimes it is as simple as being willing to drop whatever you are doing, grab your camera and get out there. When I wandered out into the yard and saw the surreal red glow in the sky, I knew I had to seize the opportunity. Even in the few minutes it took me to jump in the Starving Artist Van (fortunately, with all my gear already loaded) and scramble to a suitable vantage point, I missed the most spectacular part of this light show. Even still, I managed to get a few decent shots. A moment of indecision and and I would have come home with nothing.


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