Photo #N20-35

Ryerson Store, Interior

...At least I'm assuming it was a store. I really know nothing about this building. The caged area at the rear is interesting. I hid behind there to add the red lighting. Keep in mind that when I shoot these photos I am working in total darkness. Moving around in the dark, I add light for only a few seconds at a time (or sometimes just the flash of a strobe). Since the lens is open, I can't use a flashlight to navigate or it would appear on the film. See the big hole in the middle of the floor? I have to memorize annoying little details like this before opening the shutter. Then, by carefully counting my steps, I avoid a nasty experience that, at best would be very unpleasant, and at worst would increase the market value of my prints the hard way.

Note the condition of the ceiling. This incredible texture is what caught my attention when I first explored here earlier in the day. Now you know why there's no light coming from the second story windows in the exterior shots. After looking up through the holes and seeing the floor above, I just couldn't muster enough lack of common sense to go running around up there in the dark.


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