Photo #N21-1

Last Chance Gas

I drove 1300 miles for this shot. Seriously!

I received a tip about a set of abandoned gas pumps out in the middle of a field near the town of Corning, Saskatchewan. Of course I couldn't pass this one up, even if it was way off in the Southeastern corner of Saskatchewan. I structured my entire April road trip around shooting here and made a beeline for Corning, arriving early in the AM. I searched for the pumps for much of the night with no success, eventually giving up and shooting another nearby location. Unfortunately the directions I received were vague and despite an ongoing search, I didn't find the pumps until my last night in the area.

The trip rewarded me with lots of other photos but I missed some great opportunities to work this location under fantastic skies. By the time I finally arrived here it was 3:00 AM on my final night and the skies had clouded over. I set up my camera and started this shot. As the photo exposed it began snowing. Snow is rare here in April but as I continued, it came down more and more. I didn't try a second shot. It was snowing too badly and the moon had disappeared entirely. I was cold, tired and wet so I packed up and called it quits for the night. If these pumps haven't disappeared already I'll really have to get back here soon to shoot the series I had hoped for.


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