Photo #N21-4Forgotten Pumpjack, #1

I stumbled across this rusty old pumpjack by accident a few years ago and noted it as a possible future shoot. When I returned during the August full moon I was fully prepared to find it gone. This oilfield dried up long ago and nearly all of the pumpjacks have been removed, the oil leases cleaned up and restored to forest or farmland. I shone the spotlight in from the gravel road and was delighted to find it still there, exactly the way I remembered it. "Great! They forgot this one!"

I didn't know what to expect from the weather. From one moment to the next it went from clear to overcast, with dark, patchy clouds streaking through the sky at speeds I rarely ever see. I'd been dodging thunderstorms all night and there was lots of lightning on the horizon. I really didn't think it was a great night for shooting by moonlight. The storms, however, yielded some incredibly expressive skies.



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