Photo #N22-35

Abandoned Dodge #1

I had been itching to shoot here for months by the time I finally got this opportunity. I had hoped to get the chance during my September road trip but bad weather once again meant that I would have to wait. The October full moon was clear and perfect but it was a terribly frigid night. It was unusually cool everywhere but according to the weather office, I had headed right to the middle of the coldest area on the map.

The good news was, as the night progressed my subjects gradually became covered in a thin layer of frost which reflected light beautifully. The frustrating part was that the frost was also slowly covering my lens. It was good for two shots at a time before I had to trudge back to the Starving Artist Van and thaw the frost over the heater vent. I shot until dawn but finished less than half a roll of film.


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