Photo #N23-7

Shackleton Crossing, #1

Saskatchewan was a huge mud hole this trip. This normally dry, semi-desert region was receiving the first significant precipitation in years. Fields looked like lakes, intersected occasionally with roads graded just high enough to stay dry. It's generally flat here and there is little place for the water to go so it just collects in ditches and low areas until the ground can absorb it. It made for some nice photo op's though.

I took several shots here at the railroad crossing near the village of Shackleton. This was where I photographed the 50's style gas pumps elsewhere on the site back in autumn of 2001.

I had just completed a similar shot when I heard a car approaching in the distance. I opened the shutter once again in time to capture the trail of tail lights as the lone car passed on the highway. Both shots are nice but I think this is my favorite. The distant streak of passing tail lights just adds to the sense of solitude.


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