Photo #N24-25

Kirriemuir Cemetery,
Child's Grave

When wandering around cemeteries in the solitude and stillness of the moonlight, I often think about those who lie there. I try to show respect, both in the way I photograph these places and by disturbing them as little as possible. Often the markers are long gone and the only indication of an old plot might be a slight rectangular sag in the ground, but I still try my best to avoid walking across grave sites. Some people would be uncomfortable alone in a graveyard at night but nothing bad or unusual has ever happened to me in these places. Perhaps if there are such thing as ghosts, they appreciate the respect I try to show and leave me alone.

Coming across a child’s grave is particularly sad. Gone but not forgotten, it says. It’s true. “Died November 3, 1927”. This little girl passed away before my Mother was even born.


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