Photo #N26-33

Nite Hawk Drive-in #2
Concession Exterior

I arrived back at the drive-in around 9:30 PM, parked the van on an approach to an adjacent field and readied my gear. It was shortly after 10:00 PM when I began shooting.

Presently I know very little about this place. I began referring to it as the "Nite Hawk Drive-in" based solely on the presence of the large bird seen here above the screen and on the side of the concession building. I guess it could have been something else. It could be a thunderbird -- but they aren't usually depicted in black. I have since heard from a nearby resident that this was, in fact, the Nite Hawk Drive-in. I'm still not sure when it closed but she recalls seeing Back to the Future there, so that would place it open in the mid 1980's.


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