Photo #N5-15

Abandoned Power Station, Interior

Originally this peculiar building on the edge of Edmonton appears to have been a generating plant for a military communications installation. In 1971, it enjoyed a second life as a recording studio, where composer and musician Tommy Banks recorded for several years. Looking out through the window, the room you see lit in green contains non-plumb walls of paneling and acoustic insulation typical of a sound studio. Just down from there, in the lower right corner of the first window you may be able to spot the form of an object leaning up against the window frame. It is a reel of 1" audio tape. I didn't notice it during the shoot (these places are darker than they appear) but you can make it out on an 11X14 print of this photo. On the left of the shot you also may notice a small window just off in the darkness. On the other side of this wall lies the trashed remains of an audio control booth. Special thanks go out to Leotta Cummins of Edmonton for taking the time to research the history of this place for me. If you have any additional information about this building, please e-mail me. I would love to know more about it! This building was demolished in the spring of 2001, likely out of concern that it was becoming a haven for illegal activity.


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