Photo #N5-9

Abandoned Power Station, Exterior #1

For years I knew little about this creepy old building on the outskirts of Edmonton, Alberta. Located on the edge of a relatively new industrial district, it was obviously here long before the city grew up around it. About a year after shooting here, I came across an old map which indicated this land had once belonged to the military. It would appear from the way the building was constructed and by some of the remaining contents, that it used to be a generating plant. In the winter of 2002, while conducting a night photography workshop in Edmonton, I met Leotta Cummins who confirmed that the building was built by the Department of Defense in 1941. It would appear that this was part of a communications facility, but I'm still looking for leads to confirm this. The compound was completely fenced but as you can see by the condition of the gate, that hasn't stopped vandals from taking their toll on the structure. Note the large hole in the nearest wall.


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