Photo #N6-22

Mohawk Tipple
Wide Exterior #2

I followed a small dirt trail I found along the river to get to this location. It was just wide enough to get the Starving Artist Van through, although it was quite overgrown and branches were often rubbing on both sides of the van. After discovering the trail I went on to explore other locations. I arrived back at the tipple after dark and set up for a night of shooting. I work alone almost exclusively so I'm quite content having a place like this to myself. I shot for most of the night, adding light from below, and scaling the ridge to pop flashes inside the building. When I was done, I had a shower right in the middle of the railroad track using my water bottle, before climbing into the back of the van for the night.

You can imagine my surprise the next morning when I awoke to discover a small car and tent pitched not more than 50 feet through the trees. Apparently, a young couple had been camping there the whole time. I wonder what they thought when they heard noises and looked out to see the old tipple bathed in strange light and color. I never did have the guts to approach them before leaving. I just kept thinking about how I was aimlessly wandering around naked on the railroad tracks without a care in the world, thinking I was the only human around for miles as I toweled off after my shower. Oh well.... Another story for the book if I ever get an opportunity to write it.


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