Photo #N7-23

Scrubbing Plant

This is Canada's first sour gas scrubbing plant. Prior to the addition of the scrubbing plant, the sour gas in the plant's feed stock was just flared off. Locals say back then it never really got dark in Turner Valley and when conditions were right, the flares would cast a glow in the sky which was visible many miles away in Calgary. Built in 1941, the scrubbing plant removed the hydrogen sulfide component from sour gas, leaving marketable methane and ethane. The hydrogen sulfide removed by this plant was flared off until 1952 when one of Canada's first two sulfur plants was constructed on site. The sulfur extracted from this waste gas was then formed into huge blocks which were transported away by truck. In the distance on the left, a small flare from a nearby facility which is still in operation is visible.


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